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sarah kinn

Welcome to the new website! I am excited to be representing my art work anew online, and hope to actually utilize this site for outreach, so please subscribe and keep up to date on events and new work that I’ll be posting (sometimes as I’m working on it). Thanks so much, and stay tuned…


by Sarah Kinn | in Technology

4 responses to “New WebSite”

  1. Congrats Sarah! The website is beautiful. And so is all your artwork – I’m psyched to be able to see all of it together! Great job – excited for you!

  2. This new website is fabulous—–love the organization of it—did Duncan help you with this ???? As always, your work is beautiful ——i have given your website out to several friends ——-Linda Kuhn said Rachel just purchased one of your pieces—so cool !!!! Love you, MOM

    • Hi Susan! Thanks for the kind words. Yes, I built Sarah this website (better late than never!). Her work really looks great!

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