photo by Stephanie Sizemore

Artist’s Statement

The subject of my paintings are simple, whimsical and most often abstract. I spend as much time on color and the creation of palettes as I do on painting. I rarely use colors straight out of the tube. The color blue in my work, for example, is the result of a process that may result in blue, a little bit of brown, a drop of white and a small amount of ochre. My palettes are hopeful to a certain degree: I want the world to be visually beautiful through the complexities of color and yet remain simple and harmonious. I am inspired by the works of Milton Avery, Paul Klee, and Mark Rothko. In each of these artists’ works, I see an emphasis on color over technique and subject matter. In my view, it is color above all, that defines the artist’s state-of-mind and feelings.

Sarah Kinn 😀

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